Q: Are you accessible? 

A: Please check out our accessibility guide! https://www.accessibilityguides.org/content/minions-shop-and-tearoom

Q:Do you accept payments by Card and Apple Pay/Android Pay?

A:Yes we do! However we can not accept American Express-Sorry!

Q: Do you serve Breakfast in your tearoom?

A: No we don't serve 'breakfast' foods in the tearoom we DO however serve our full food menu from 10am till close of tearoom daily!

Q: Do you cater for different diets? Do they need to be ordered in advance?

A: Yes-We try and cater for a range of diets including dairy free, egg free, vegan and gluten free. We even have homemade gluten free and vegan cream teas! They don't need to be ordered in advance. The only thing that can be ordered in advance are pasties, which can take up to 60mins to cook. 

Q: Do you accept food orders in advance?

A: No I'm afraid not. All food is made fresh to order but we don't food orders over the phone. HOWEVER we can take orders for pasties (including Vegan/Gluten free which take 60mins to cook) in advance.

Q: Can I order other products from you?

A: Yes! We are happy to get items such as bread, cakes, fruit and veg in to order. Please talk to a member of staff about any orders.  

Q: How big is your tearoom?

A: Inside we have two tables for four and two tables for two and outside we currently have 6 benches seating up to 6 each. Due to our size we can fill up in busy periods or bad weather. We also can not reserve tables-sorry! 

Q: How long are the wait times for food?

A: As we are only a small establishment we don't have too much space to play with which means we have limited space for staff. All of our food is prepared fresh to order. This means there can sometimes be long wait times in the tearoom, especially in the morning when the Post Office is open and the shop can be busy, but we try our best to be as quick and effective as possible. We apologise for any delays. 

If you have any other questions please send us an email! minionsshopandtearoom@gmail.com