Charity and Recyling

We support various charities in our shop and tearoom through the use of collection pots. We also hold trolley tokens for the charity Look Good Feel Better, which Alex has volunteered for in her spare time. There are posts on all the charities we support on our blog giving more information into the great work each does! 

Recycling and reducing waste is very important to us. We strive hard to not over order (which can mean we run out) as we know how important it is to not waste resources. When we do have products which go past their "best before" we discount them in the shop or when bread and veg go past their best we donate them to a local community project,, who use them to feed their pigs!

We are always trying to reduce food waste which is why we ask if customers want their salad garnish or not. We also try and reduce milk wastage by putting less in customers milk jugs, as the dairy industry is a large polluter, we are more than happy to top up milk for customers and we hope by doing this that less goes down the drain!

 We try and recycle as much as we can, we ordered a large outside recycling bin as one of our first changes when we moved in as the previous owners had not recycled much. We recycle where we can from the tearoom and shop including glass and plastic drinking bottles, milk bottles, paper and lots of cardboard. We are always willing to keep cardboard boxes etc for people if they want to reuse them. 

We have a range of stationary such as bubble wrap, large envelopes and jiffy bags which we keep in the shop and for a donation these good quality items are perfect for using in the Post Office which saves the production, and cost, of new products. 

We also try to keep electric usage to a minimum where possible, for example keeping the tearoom lights off when not in use and only having the minimum number of fridges and freezers on. Reducing food and energy waste is a issue felt all over the globe and continuing to monitor our usage is our way of contributing to the solution. For more information visit websites such as